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About Neuro Doc

Board-certified neurologist Omar Moore, MD, takes a patient-centered approach to care at Neuro Doc. As a neurologist, Dr. Moore has the ability to treat a wide range of neurologic disorders, injuries, and degenerative conditions affecting the brain and nervous system.  ​Dr. Moore’s philosophy of care is to treat people the way he would want to be treated. He knows it’s scary to have a diagnosis you don’t fully understand. Uncertainty breeds fear, especially when your life may be at risk. He takes the extra effort to educate patients about their diagnosis before developing a treatment plan.  This knowledge about their own diagnosis empowers patients to choose a treatment plan that they can feel comfortable with. 

To request an appointment with Dr. Moore at NeuroDoc please fill out the online request form or call (904) 204-6585


'Dr Moore is a very caring and understanding Doctor. He listens to me, and helped get my medical issues taken care of,let’s me make my own decisions on my health care with guidance'

Pollyann, Nov 04, 2022 via Healthgrades

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