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Neurologist & Epilepsy Specialist located in FL, serving patients from Jacksonville, Orlando, Destin, & The Greater Florida Area.

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is the primary diagnostic test used for seizures or brain dysfunction.  At NeuroDoc, Omar Moore, MD, can refer you for a routine EEG or, if needed, set you up to have a longer at home EEG for a more detailed look at your brain activity. To learn more about completing an at-home EEG, please call or fill out an online request form today.



What is an EEG?


An EEG is a diagnostic test that records the electrical activity in your brain and displays it on a computer. The electrical activity comes from nerve cells in your brain called neurons.

Neurons generate electrical impulses that they use to transmit information. The electrical signals create specific patterns that show up on your EEG.


When compared to typical brainwave patterns, your EEG quickly reveals abnormalities and problems in the electrical activity.


When might I need an EEG?


NeuroDoc may recommend an EEG to diagnose epilepsy, however, EEG will also reveal brain dysfunction related to:

  • Dementia

  • Stroke

  • Brain infection or inflammation

  • Confusion related to systemic infection or other metabolic abnormality

  • Brain Tumor

  • Traumatic brain injury

EEGs can also be used to evaluate sleep disorders. However, if seen, abnormalities of sleep will need to be further investigated with a dedicated sleep study.


How do I prepare for an EEG?


The only thing you need to do before an EEG is to wash your hair. After washing your hair, don’t use conditioners, gels, or hair-styling products. Any products on your hair or scalp may interfere with the electrodes used to capture your brainwaves.


What happens during an EEG?


When you get an EEG, a technician uses reversible glue to place the electrodes to your scalp. Then the wires from the electrodes are attached to the machine that detects and records your brain activity.

When you receive telehealth services from NeuroDoc, an EEG can be completed at your home. EEG technicians present to your home with portable equipment and complete the set up in usually less than one hour.  While wearing the equipment you are able to walk freely around your house. After the study is completed the technician will return to your home and remove the equipment.  Then the data is sent to NeuroDoc for review.


Depending on your symptoms and needs, you may have a video EEG that allows your provider to see your activity during the recording of your brainwaves.


To learn more about EEGs, please call or fill out an online request form with NeuroDoc today.

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